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4-D Body Sculpting

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What is 4-D Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting 4D is a similar form of fat removal and body sculpting procedure to SculptingHigh Definition. However, this specialized 4D technique provides the added benefit of following the natural movement of your muscles to create a 4D effect in order to achieve optimum, natural looking results.

Best Liposuction Techniques

It is a more gentle and precise form of fat removal than other traditional liposuction techniques, minimizing bruising and downtime. Body sculpting 4D works perfectly to tackle localized stubborn areas of fat that diet and exercise alone have failed to remove.

True to our mission to provide the best 4D body sculpting has to offer, at SOLACE Clinic, we havinghighly experienced Surgeons to perform our surgical procedures. 4D body sculptingis performed under conscious sedation, with no need for an overnight stay. Our friendly and highly experienced medical team of experts will be with you throughout every step of the process, tailoring the treatment accordingly to your individual needs.

Fat Removal System for everyone.

Absolutely! In fact more women than men want treating. Most women do not want a six pack, but would prefer the muscles to be defined along the borders of the stomach muscles, from the bust down to the groin, without the horizontal lines. Women´s waistlines can be transformed in to hour glass figures, and we can even increase the definition around your breasts as well. Our male patients often crave a six pack, and in many we find that creating a twin pack is actually more realistic if they have always struggled with their weight. But, if you are slim and have great muscle tone and good skin elasticity, then you may be suitable for the full six pack look!


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